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Getting Started with Scout
Getting Started with Scout

How to install Scout on your teacher device and begin managing your classroom.

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To get started, you'll need to download and install the respective software on a teacher computer and a student computer.

The software will only work on Windows 10 devices and the Student client is designed to only work on the Infinity:One device. The Teacher software will work on any Windows 10 device.

IMPORTANT: Please make sure that both Teacher and Student devices are on the same network - otherwise the Teacher won't be able to connect and control the Student device.

Also make sure you don't have both applications running on the same device, as this will impact the ability to run the Teacher software.

If you received your Infinity:One devices after 19/09/2017 the Scout student client is already pre-installed on your devices!

Once the student client is installed, check out our video guide below:

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