Running eT4L on the Infinity is supported by One Education only, and not by the Department of Education. There is no difference in the functionality of eT4L on the Infinity or any devices supported by the Department of Education.

Loading eT4L on the Infinity (45 min - 1 hr)

Loading the eT4L image on the Infinity is the same as any Department support device.

  1. Plug in a supported USB-to-Ethernet dongle into the Infinity's USB port.

  2. Connect the dongle to an Ethernet port at the school via ethernet cable

  3. Power ON your Infinity and let it detect the connection. 

  4. Follow the prompts to begin the re-imaging process

  5. Enter admin credentials to commence the imaging process, assigning the device to the correct locations to make loading applications easier

Load the eT4L compatibility pack (10 min)

Now that eT4L has successfully loaded on the Infinity, you might notice that a few features won't be working (trackpad, touchscreen, wireless).

Not to worry - in 10 mins, you can have the drivers installed and you will be good to go.

  1. Download our eT4L compatibility pack here

  2. Extract it and place it on the root directory of a USB

  3. Insert the USB into the Infinity

  4. Log into the Infinity as an Admin user

  5. Press Windows Key + R

  6. Enter the following command and hit enter: D:\eT4L\run.exe

The drivers will now install sequentially and within 10 minutes you'll have a device that is eT4L capable!

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