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Getting Started with Harvest
Getting Started with Harvest

Install the add-in, and start using visible learning techniques digitally.

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Harvest is a tool for measuring and tracking formative assessment of school work within OneNote - using Australian curriculum standards.

Let's get started!

What you'll need:

  • Desktop computer, laptop or 2-in-1 running Windows or macOS.

  • Up to date Internet browser.
    We recommend: Microsoft Edge, Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox

  • Free Microsoft Office365 accounts for you and your students.
    If you haven't taken advantage of this already, Microsoft provides access to the full Office365 suite at no cost to teachers and students around the world.
    Set up your free account with Office365.

  • You'll be using OneNote Online for Harvest. You do not need to install the desktop app as a teacher - but you may with to install it for your students.

  • Free Class Notebook for OneNote.
    Class Notebook is a powerful tool for managing class work with all your students. This will enable you to take worksheets you've created in OneNote, issue them to your students and more.
    Set up your free Class Notebook.
    IMPORTANT NOTE: When adding your students to your Class Notebook - do not add them as a group. Add them individually, or Harvest will not be able to read them.

Got all that? Check the checklist!

  • Modern browser installed and open?

  • Office365 account set up?

  • Class Notebook for OneNote set up?

Great! Let's install the Harvest add-in!

You only need to install Harvest for yourself, you do not need to install it for your students. You will only need to install Harvest once - once it's installed, you won't need to go through this process again. Watch the video or follow the written guide below.

Sign in to OneNote Online

Now that you've set up your Class Notebook, you'll be using the online version of OneNote to use Harvest.

Go to and click "Sign in" and then sign in with a "Work or school account"

Select your Class Notebook

You'll find it under the Class Notebooks tab!

Go to the Insert menu, and Office Add-ins

In the top menu bar you can insert various media, and we need to insert the Harvest add-in to OneNote.

Find Harvest in the Office Store

As we haven't installed Harvest from the Office Store yet, it won't appear in My Add-ins yet. First we need to click on the Store tab. Then we need to search for Harvest, or simply scroll down to find it.

Add Harvest to your OneNote account

Once you've located Harvest in the Office Store, simply hit the Add button to insert it into OneNote. Once you've done this, Harvest will stay in OneNote and you will not need to go through this process again.

Open Harvest for the first time

Hurray! Harvest is now inserted into OneNote and we can open it for the first time. First we navigate to the new Harvest menu item, and select "Grade Work" to open the Harvest grading tool. Harvest will perform a series of checks to make sure you're using a Class Notebook.
Grant Harvest permission to access your Office365 account if it asks.

Harvest will then ask you to select what school you're from, find the school that matches your school name and post code.

Click on All Done and then you'll be ready to grade work!

(Can't find your school in the list? Use the green chat button on this window to get in touch with us and we'll put you on the list!)

Now you're ready to grade your first piece of work

Open up a student notebook and select a piece of work to grade. If you don't have it open already, click the Harvest menu, and click "Grade Work" like we did for the setup process. Watch the video or follow the written guide below.

The Harvest add-in will pop out from the right hand side, an give you the following options to grade and tag work with:

  1. Outcomes
    Search or browse for curriculum / syllabus outcomes to tag this piece of work with. Harvest will automatically add recent codes you've used to save you time. If Harvest is not displaying the correct codes for your school, or an expected code is missing, use the green chat button on this screen to contact us and we'll add it for you.

  2. Learning Goal
    Write a learning goal for this work, or co-create one with the class first. Harvest will automatically add recent learning goals to save you time.

  3. Rating
    Was this work at, below or above level for this student's ability?
    Ratings are not visible to students.

  4. Associated Notes
    Do you have any additional comments to make on this work?
    Associated notes are not visible to students.

Select the appropriate options for the student work, enter a note if you like, and hit save! This work will be snapshotted and the grades saved to the Harvest dashboard.

Check out graded work on the dashboard

Click the "Dashboard" button in the Harvest menu to get an overview of all the student mark you've graded against curriculum outcomes. Every time mark a piece of work in Harvest, that mark is recorded here - and the work is archived in the showcase.

Showcase / Work Feed

Click either the Showcase button in the Harvest add-in in OneNote, or click on the Feed option on the dashboard to find the work feed / showcase. This is an ever growing archive of the work your students have done, that you have marked. As the teacher, you will see all graded work. Click a piece of work to see the entire snapshot. The link to the class feed can be made available to students and parents, in order to encourage and showcase the best work of your class.

Sharing Student Work

After you have expanded a piece of work, you have access to three sharing options.

  • Copy Link
    Copy a shareable URL to only the selected piece of work to your clipboard, you can then paste this into SeeSaw, Twitter, email - anything you choose.
    Only the image of the work will be shared. It will not share the rating, student name, or teacher comments.

  • Student Feed
    This will add the work to the selected student's personal feed of work. This entire feed can then be shared with the student, another teacher or perhaps a guardian. Only work that you tick this option for will be visible in the student feed.
    It will not share the rating, or teacher comments.

  • Class Feed
    This will add work to the class feed of the selected student. This entire feed can be shared with your class, another teacher or a guardian if you choose.
    Only work that you tick this option for will be visible in the class feed.
    It will not share the rating, or teacher comments.

Once you have added work to the class or student feed, you can find the feeds by going to your class list on the left hand side by expanding your notebook.
Select "All Students" to find links to your class feed - or select an individual student to find a link to their individual feed.

Publicly shareable feeds have a blue menu bar at the top, to differentiate them from your private teacher feed.

And now you know the basics to working in Harvest! Get grading and building out your teacher portfolio of graded work!

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