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Update your Infinity to the latest firmware (BIOS)
Update your Infinity to the latest firmware (BIOS)
Keep your Infinity running at its best by ensuring the system firmware is up to date
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Your Infinity is a working synergy of hardware and software which once in a while need some maintenance, so you can keep enjoying the best experience out of the device for a long time.

The system firmware (also referred to as "BIOS"), is a set of embedded programs that control several basic functions and aspects of your Infinity such as charging, power management and overall performance. This article explains how to update the system firmware so that your Infinity can receive the latest performance and compatibility improvements.

Current Version: 1.18.ONEDU.V01

Compatibility: Infinity A03/A038G

The first step is to check the existing firmware version on your Infinity to see if it needs updating, which is done by entering the BIOS Setup menu on boot. To do this, press the <Del> key a couple of times when the Infinity logo comes up on the screen and the firmware version will be visible next to other details such as the device serial number:

If your Infinity needs a firmware update, download the necessary software to create a bootable USB drive which will take care of updating the firmware automatically. If the download doesn't start with the button below, copy/paste the URL by right-clicking on the button to copy the direct download link:

  1. Format the USB drive using FAT32 as filesystem type

  2. Extract (not copy) the archive downloaded onto the USB (use WinRAR or 7Zip if extracting fails from Windows)

  3. Eject the USB drive from your workstation (i.e. do not unplug the drive before ejecting)

  4. Boot the Infinity with the USB drive plugged in (press <F11> for boot selection) making sure that the charger cable is connected (the process will otherwise fail)

  5. Let the procedure run and the device will reboot automatically, at which point the USB drive can be removed however DO NOT turn off or disturb the device while the process is running and until the system powers off completely on its own

  6. Power on the Infinity as usual and check that the firmware version is now up to date

Current Version Notes:

  • The current firmware version delivers compatibility and performance improvements for Microsoft Windows 11

  • All BIOS Setup settings are preserved (e.g. boot order)

  • Additional compatibility for USB Ethernet adapters with ASIX and Realtek chipsets

  • Disabled charge status light when the charger is plugged in and no charge is required (battery already full)

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