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I still have the Sugar OS on my XO's. Why should I switch?

You are free to keep using sugar. However, we are no longer going to develop the Sugar OS or create activities. Moving forward we will be focusing on Android as it is more relevant and provides greater opportunities for growth and development. We have provided the upgrade as a free download on our website. Give it a try! We can assist in reverting back if necessary.

There is a new update, do I need to configure every XO individually?

Yes, every XO needs to be managed individually. We do not encourage this responsibility to fall on one person, but have done our best to simplify the XO needs so students or a group of XO Mechanics can assist in this process. See our support pages for training materials.

Can I bulk load apps to all my XO’s at once?

No, there is no Android app that allows you to load the same image on multiple XO devices.

I have teachers in my school that need to be trained. What can I do?

Teachers using the Sugar OS were certified by completing the Academy app. Teachers using the new Android OS are certified by completing a brief lesson plan outlining their intention for the XO in their classroom. This is a temporary solution until we release our new Android Academy app.

Do I need to have a Google account and access to the Play store to use the XO?

Not necessarily. We have pre installed a number of useful tools and apps, including our own App Universe which is a classroom safe resource for additional apps. We recommend starting with these in your classroom, and then explore further as necessary.

Android is a mobile platform from Google. This is why it can be heavily integrated, but this is completely optional on the XO, depending on your needs.

I know that Android has a lot of apps, but how do I know what is useful?

We recommend using the forums and the One Network to collaborate with other teachers regarding useful apps in the classroom. This is a platform where teachers can ask questions to the community, and submit their ideas to share. In the Google Play Store there are over 1 million apps. One Education is committed to building partnerships so we may provide license free, ad free, and subsidized apps for the exclusive use of its XO network.

I am having issues with a specific app, can you help me?

Unless this is an app that is directly related to us (App Universe, XO ID, Avatar Creator, or Connect) we will only be able to offer third party advice. We recommend contacting the app developer for solutions. You can sometimes find helpful reviews online to see if other are having a similar problem, or if the app is not compatible.

Can I print from the XO?

Unfortunately as a tablet device, the XO is not designed to communicate with the printer. Although some schools have found a way around this by using apps that are associated with the brand of their printer. If you have an HP printer, I suggest HP All-in-One Printer Remote. Otherwise you can see if there is a similar app for your printer brand

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