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Installing CA Certificates
Installing CA Certificates
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In some VIC schools, you may be asked to install a security certificate.

This is the first step to connect your XO-duo to the Victorian Public School WiFi

Please note:

  • Ask your Network Admin to give you the CA Security Certificate on a flash drive

  • Check that you have the right username and password

1. Using ES File Explorer, transfer the file into your "home" drive in the XO

2. Swipe down and go to Settings

3. Find the three dots on the upper right hand side of the screen and select "Advanced"

4. Select "Install Certificates"

5. Identify which certificate you would like to install

6. You will need to set a pin for your device. We suggest a 4 digit numeric pin 0000 (four zeros).

7. (Optional) If you want to get rid of the PIN, simply get back to the "Settings" menu and select "Security" and select the "Screen Lock". Please note, doing this may cause your device to not connect on line

8. Enter your PIN and select "None" to disable this security feature.

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