If your screen is cracked or not displaying correctly, this guide will help you learn how to replace the display screen on the XO-duo. If your touch screen is not responding accurately, this is a separate issue. Please contact our support team at 1800 663 338.


Standard Philips screwdriver

1. Turn the laptop upside-down, with the handle facing away from you.

2. Pull the lock tabs towards the green outer edges of the laptop. Hold the left lock tab in the unlock position until the battery is completely removed in the next step.

3. Lift up on the middle of the battery to remove it from the device.

4. Remove the two 4mm Phillips #1 screws underneath the screen on the right-hand side.

5. Rotate the screen 180° and remove the other two screws. You will have to put your screwdriver through the handle in order to reach the middle screw for both sides.

6. Remove the green side panel by pressing down on the small green button on the top and sliding the panel up. Repeat the step above for the panel on the other side.

7. Be careful not to pull the bottom too far out because a ribbon cable is under the frame and can easily break. Gently lift up the lower part of the frame and pull it down to free the screen frame.

8. Lift the black connector and pull the ribbon cable out by the purple tab, freeing the frame.

9. Remove the four 7.62mm screws using a Phillips #1 screwdriver.

10. Be careful not to pull the screen out too far. There are two ribbon cables attached to the screen, and they can easily break. Carefully lift the screen out.

11. Notice that the laptop in this picture has been turned 180° with the antennas now below the screen. For each ribbon cable, lift up the black connector and gently pull the ribbon cables out by the plastic tabs.

12. Remove the screen from the laptop.


To reassemble your device, follow these instructions in reverse order.

credit: Installing OLPC XO-4 Touch Screen

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