If your keyboard is not working properly, or has been damaged, you can replace it with one from your repair kit. This guide will help you.

1. Turn the laptop upside-down, with the handle facing away from you.

2 Pull the lock tabs towards the green outer edges of the laptop. Hold the left lock tab in the unlock position until the battery is completely removed in the next step.

3. Lift up on the middle of the battery to remove it from the device.

4. Remove the two 2 mm Phillips #1 screws from beneath the battery lock tabs.

5. Flip the laptop over to its normal position. Lift the two antennas on both sides to unlock the screen. Open the laptop.

6. Be careful not to pull the keyboard too far because there is still a ribbon cable attached to the bottom. Gently lift up on the back of the

keyboard. Pull the keyboard up far enough to expose the ribbon cable.

7. Gently lift up on the black connector to release the ribbon cable. Gently pull the blue plastic tab up and away from the black connector. Remove the keyboard from the laptop.

Great! To re-install your new keyboard, follow the directions in reverse.

Credit: Installing OLPC XO-4 Touch Keyboard

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