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Connect is our solution to getting online. It provides a nice and easy way to connect your XO to the internet through your school's proxy. This article will walk you through the three different ways to obtain the latest version of Connect.

First Method: Reflash your laptop to the latest build.

You can perform a reflash to the latest build which contains our connect application. The downside to this method is that all your files and settings will be reset to factory settings. If you want to proceed with this method, follow our guide on it by clicking the button below. Install the latest XO-system 2.

Second Method: If you are previously connected to the internet, you can download the Connect App from App Universe on the XO.

If you are switching from Drony to Connect, we recommend you uninstall Drony AFTER you install Connect App to avoid complications. See How To Uninstall An Application

Third Method: Install the application via usb.

You can download the latest connect application to your usb drive from another computer that's already connected to the internet and then copy it to your XO. The advantage of this method is that it will not delete any of your current settings or files. Here's how to do it.

1. Download the latest version of connect from the button below and copy it to your usb drive.

2. Plug in the usb drive to your XO, open up ES File Explorer, navigate to Local > usb_storage and click on the application to install it like shown below.

3. Follow the on-screen instructions pressing "Next" and "Install" when prompted.

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