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Laptop will not turn on
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You cannot turn the laptop on.

Battery Not Charged

The problem may be that the battery is not charged. Plug your XO-4 into a power outlet. If the LED on the battery turns yellow after being plugged in, then the battery is charging. Wait until the LED turns green signaling that the battery is fully charged. After the battery has finished charging, try turning the laptop on again.

Battery is Faulty

If the LED on the battery turns red or does not light up at all, it is possible that the battery is dead. To check if the battery is dead, try removing the battery, plugging in the charger, and turning the laptop on. If everything works fine with just the charger, then the battery is dead and must be replaced.

Battery Does Not Charge

It is possible that when you plug in the external power for the first time, the battery does not charge. This may be caused by the battery charge getting extremely low during shipping. The solution is to remove the battery, turn on the laptop with the charger plugged in, and then reinsert the battery. It should then charge normally with the yellow charging light on.

Broken Display

When you turn on the laptop, the boot sound should play. If it does play and nothing shows up on the screen, it is possible the screen is broken and must be replaced.

Broken Power button

The problem may be that the power button is broken. In this case, the power button must be replaced. Please contact our support line for further assistance.

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