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Here's how you can change your wallpaper on the XO-system 2.

1. Go to your home screen and hold your finger down on any blank spot on the screen.

2. A selection of file sources will appear, giving you . Here's a description of what each option will do:

    • ES File Explorer - Use the Explorer to locate an image file in your directories to use as your wallpaper

    • Gallery - If you have an image already saved such as a picture taken or a file downloaded from the internet, you can browse for it and set it as a wallpaper using this option.

        • Live Wallpaper - These are wallpapers that are already installed. Live wallpapers are animated or respond to input.

          • QuickPic Wallpaper - Combination view of both ES File Explorer and Gallery. You can select an image from here to use as your background.

            • Wallpaper - These are a selection of pre-loaded images that come with the device.

            3. Once you have found an image you would like to set as your wallpaper, click on it and press set wallpaper. You should now have a new wallpaper!

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