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This guide will connect your XO wirelessly to any computer that is connected to a projector or interactive whiteboard.

You will need:

  • XO and IWB on the same wifi connection

  • Chrome browser installed on the IWB controlling PC

*Please Note: If you do not have Chrome, please speak with your IT Help desk for DEC to roll out the program

On PC :

1. Install VNC Viewer for Chrome from the Chrome web store in your Chrome browser : Chrome Web Store - VNC

2. An icon will appear on your Start bar called Chrome App Launcher, select this and choose VNC Viewer

3. A new window will open

    On Your XO:

    1. Start the Droid VNC Server app. (If you do not have the Droid VNC Server app, you can get it via the App Universe. Tap on the link to launch the article)

    2. Select the green circle labeled Start

    3. You will see a number that looks like "". This your device's unique IP address and port number

      Back on the PC:

      1. Enter this IP address into the VNC "Address" field on your PC, set picture quality as Automatic and click on Connect

      2. The XO screen will load.

      3. Menu in detail:

      4. Scale the screen or select full screen to display your XO on the IWB

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