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Join an Azure Active Directory Domain
Join an Azure Active Directory Domain

Make your Infinity:One part of a managed school domain

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In most cases you will find that using a local Windows 10 administrator account is enough to perform common tasks - however there are instances where it is convenient to leverage the flexibility of Windows 10 by joining your Infinity:One to an Azure AD domain, managed for example by the Department of Education or your school.

This tutorial is based on the latest Windows 10 release, Creators Update (1703) and it will take you through a few basic steps to join the device to the NSW DET domain infrastructure - the process might slightly differ depending on your requirements and setup.

IMPORTANT: currently only 20 devices can be joined to the AAD domain using the same NSW DET login (username/password) - once the limit is reached, the domain joining process will fail with an error at which point you will need to use a different login to continue enrolling more.

Once connected to the WiFi, open the Windows Settings and select Accounts:

Select Access work or school and click on the Connect button:

Select Join this device to Azure Active Directory:

In the appearing window, type in your credentials (e.g. first.last AT and click Next - you might be asked for your credentials a second time after which you will need to click on Join:

Let Windows 10 do the rest for you... And you're all set!

You can now sign out from the local administrator account and sign in using any domain member credentials (e.g. students with an @education address):

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