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NAP Locked Down Browser on Windows 10
NAP Locked Down Browser on Windows 10

Setup the NAPLAN Locked Down Browser on your Infinity:One

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If your Infinity:One is running an older version of Windows 10 (e.g. Anniversary Update 1607) then you likely need to update the existing version of the NAP Browser - it's a simple procedure and we explain how to do it just below!

In the Search Windows bar, type uninstall and select the resulting option Add or remove programs:

In the appearing window, scroll down to find the existing NAP Browser (if installed) and then select Uninstall to remove the software:

Restart the device then run the NAP Browser installer just downloaded and follow the steps to complete the installation:

Once you are done with the installation you are all set to start using the locked down browser - note that for some states and schools you need to add the PAC (Proxy Auto Config) address for the application to work properly.

If you are in NSW then you can refer to this tutorial which explains how to configure the PAC address - if you are in other states or you have issues configuring the PAC address, get in touch with us and we will help you getting the NAP Browser ready!

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