Charging and ports
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Due to its rugged nature, the Infinity:One hides many of its ports (including the charging port) underneath a pull out flap - as pictured below.

Once you slide the flap out and up, a number of ports are revealed.

From right to left:

  1. Micro-HDMI
    For connecting to smart boards, TVs and other screens.

  2. Headphones
    For playing audio through a standard 3.5mm jack.

  3. USB Micro-AB
    This is a multipurpose port that supports standard micro-USB cables.

  4. Charging port
    The bottom port when the Infinity:One is held vertically, this one charges it up!

The keyboard dock has one more very important port:

  1. USB Type-A
    This is your standard USB port, for plugging in USB sticks, mice, or anything else with a standard USB plug.

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