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Using Infinity:One as a tablet or a laptop
Using Infinity:One as a tablet or a laptop
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The Infinity:One is a 2-in-1 device. This means that you can use it as either a laptop or a tablet - it just depends on what you're feeling like at the time!

Doing a lot of typing? That keyboard will come in handy. Drawing or just watching something? Maybe it's easier to hold it as a tablet.

To convert your Infinity:One from laptop to tablet mode:

  1. Open the lid on your Infinity:One so that the laptop is no longer closed, and the screen is facing you.

  2. Firmly grip the side of the screen.

  3. Pull up to remove the screen from the keyboard dock.

To convert your Infinity:One back into a laptop:

  1. Make sure the screen is facing the keyboard.

  2. Line up one of the holes in the bottom of the tablet with one of the teeth in the keyboard dock.

  3. Lower the tablet onto the first tooth, and then lower the other corner onto the second.

  4. Firmly press the tablet into the keyboard dock.

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