Update System BIOS

This tutorial will help you ensuring your Infinity:One BIOS is up to date!

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Most devices run a portion of hidden software which is independent from the operating system (e.g. Microsoft Windows) - this is often referred to as BIOS (Basic Input-Output System) and it manages all hardware present in a computer, from the screen to the battery and more!

To ensure that the Infinity:One performs at its best, the BIOS should be updated to the newest version available (N1.14) and this tutorial explains how to do it - to get started, download the file available here:

  1. Format the USB drive using FAT32 as filesystem type

  2. Extract (not copy) the archive downloaded onto the USB (use WinRAR or 7Zip if extracting fails from Windows)

  3. Eject the USB drive from your workstation (i.e. do not unplug the drive before ejecting)

  4. Boot the Infinity:One with the USB drive plugged in making sure that the battery has been charged first

  5. Allow for the system to boot up from the USB and press any key to start the update when requested

  6. DO NOT turn the system off but rather wait for the device to shut down automatically

  7. Unplug the USB drive and power on the Infinity:One

Updating the BIOS provides bug fixes and improvements that are normally not addressed directly via Windows Update, in particular the current version:

• Resolves a problem with battery charging to avoid unnecessary system protection due to overcharge

• Resolves a problem with power management to ensure all peripherals are powered down appropriately when charging

For reference, the content of the USB drive just prepared should look like this:

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