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Find out why your Infinity:One is not charging

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Occasionally you might find that one or more Infinity:One laptops refuse to turn on and while this can be attributed to the battery simply needing charge, the issue could be related to the device being unable to receive any charging power at all.
The Infinity:One has two charging ports:

  1. DC receptacle used with the wall charger (pin connector)

  2. Micro-B USB used with the Infinity:Power charging rack

A more detailed description of the ports is available at this page - if the charging ports are damaged the laptop(s) will be unable to charge and power on.

Damage to the Micro-B USB port is often visible directly by observing the receptacle on the device and here is an example that can be used as reference:

A damaged DC port is harder to diagnose visually however if the pin connector plugs in but feels somewhat loose there is a good chance that the port needs replacement.
This kind of damage can be repaired by refurbishing the charging ports which involves shipping the device(s) to One Education for this specialised rework - repair fees are available at this page.

A different issue with charging might involve the green cables used with the Infinity:Power which can also show signs of damage or excessive wear and tear as visible here:

In the above example, the right picture shows a connector with a warped/bent metal shielding - this can lead to damaged ports on the laptops so it is important to periodically review the charging cables, inspect for damage and replace where necessary. Please enquire with One Education to source spare green cables.
We recommend getting in touch with our team to help you troubleshooting these issues making sure that your Infinity:One laptops continue to provide their best performance!

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