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Configure a system (BIOS) admin password
Configure a system (BIOS) admin password

Protect the default system configuration by configuring a BIOS password

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Occasionally students might gain access to areas of the system that should not be tampered with such as the BIOS setup - it is a good idea to protect the BIOS setup with an administrator password so that unauthorised configuration changes (which may make the laptop unusable) are avoided completely.

Enter the BIOS setup by pressing the Del key on the keyboard when the Infinity logo appears on screen upon power-up:

Using the left-right arrow keys navigate to the top menu Security and move down with the up-down arrow keys to select Change Administrator Password and press Enter:

Set the password you wish to configure (two times) and change the Password Login Control to Setup:

Finally, move to the top menu Exit and select Save Changes and Reset:

You can confirm if the password works as expected by restarting the Infinity:One and entering the BIOS setup again (Del key on power-up).

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