Troubleshoot WiFi (wireless) issues

How to fix problems with the network on the Infinity:One

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From time to time it is possible that the WiFi network on your Infinity:One stops working - this can happen for a number of reasons including a simple misconfiguration caused by additional software installed or an update that went wrong.

The solution is often just a few clicks away! Let's take a look at three separate troubleshooting methods that can help you getting the WiFi back up and running in no time.

IMPORTANT: incorrect WiFi credentials will result in the device not being able to connect so make sure that the appropriate username and password are entered when joining a network. Having the correct system time and date is also critical for certain network environments (e.g. WPA2-ENT) so check that the clock is set correctly before moving forward with the troubleshooting methods below.

Method 1 - Windows Troubleshooting

In the Search Windows box, type "troubleshooting" and click on the resulting application:

Select Network and Internet from the list of available options:

Select Network Adapter, click Next and follow the instructions - the procedure will analyse your network configuration and attempt to find a solution:

Method 2 - Reset Network Interface

In the Windows Settings, click on Network & Internet:

Scroll down in the right pane and click on Network reset:

Click on Reset now to start the reset procedure - Windows will need to reboot your device in the next few minutes so allow the system to restart automatically before testing the network:

Method 3 - Manual Driver Reinstallation

In the Search Windows box, type "device manager" and click on the resulting application:

In Device Manager expand the category Network adapters and double click on the Broadcom 802.11abgn option:

In the Adapter Properties window, select the Driver tab and click on Update Driver:

Select Browse my computer for driver software:

Select Let me pick from a list of device drivers on my computer:

Last step! Click once on the option with the number and then click Next - this will finalise the driver installation and we suggest restarting the device before testing the network:

After trying the above methods, if none of them worked then the problem might be more serious but no need to panic - get in touch with our team and we will work on a solution with you!

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