Create a recovery drive

Create a recovery drive to fix critical system issues

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The Infinity:One is pre-loaded with Windows 10 which offers advanced tools to avoid and troubleshoot a considerable number of issues - however things don't always go as planned and you might need to recover a system that refuses to start or is locked with a password that has been lost.

Especially for large deployments such as those found in schools, it is advisable to create a recovery drive which can be used to restore the system on a troubled Infinity:One!

The procedure is very simple - you will need an Infinity:One preferably just configured after its first startup and a USB drive of at least 8GB.

In the Search Windows box, type "recovery drive" and click on the resulting application:

With the USB drive plugged in, click Next leaving the box Back up system files checked:

Confirm that the USB drive is indeed the one you want to use - note that this procedure will wipe anything present on the USB. Click Next and the recovery creation will begin:

That's all there is to it! You can store the recovery drive and use it when necessary - all you need to do is power up an Infinity:One with the USB drive plugged in to start the recovery and you can choose to preserve user files and settings or perform a complete system wipe.

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