Infinity:One Troubleshooting
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The Infinity:One is a rock-solid device however not immune to the occasional glitch which might affect your experience if you don't know how to handle it.

No fear though, this tutorial is here to help you resolving most issues effortlessly.

Keyboard / trackpad stop working

It can happen from time to time that the keyboard, the trackpad or both stop working - this can be quite annoying as you are left with only the touchscreen as a mean of interaction with the device.

Could you believe that the solution to this will only take a few seconds of your time?

  • Detach the tablet from the base

  • Make sure no debris in visible on the golden contacts at the bottom of the tablet

  • Connect the tablet to the base again

The keyboard and trackpad should be back in action!

If this happens more consistently it is possible that there is dirt / debris collected on the golden contacts either on the tablet (bottom) or the base (tablet slot) - the recommended method to clean the contacts is a cotton swab with a drop or two of ethyl alcohol gently rubbing the golden pins.

Device frozen on black screen

Your Infinity:One entered sleep mode or you simply closed the laptop only to find an uninviting black screen a few hours later when you get back to it - this fault is actually quite uncommon and the good news is that it can be addressed almost instantaneously.

  • You have verified that the battery is charged however the screen remains black when pressing the power button

  • To solve this press and hold the power button for 10 seconds

  • Let the laptop rest unpowered for 5 seconds

  • Press the power button once to power on the device as usual

You've successfully fixed your Infinity:One - how easy was that?

To make sure this problem does not represent itself please check that your device software is currently up-to-date via Windows Update which you can find via the Start menu in Windows 10!

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